We know that weddings can be stressful. That's why we want to give you the peace you need to enjoy the biggest day of your life!

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“ Thanks to Breanna's professionalism and creative problem-solving, potential  challenges for the day were never an issue ”

- Kathy C.
Mother of the bride

“ If you have been looking for the best wedding planner and coordinator, hiring Breanna with 'Beside the Bride Indiana' is a no-brainer! ”

- Noah

“ After working with Breanna, I highly recommend her! She was kind and professional. She expertly navigated the details of the day! ”

- Mary W.
Wedding florist

If you’re looking for someone to be the behind-the-scenes person so you can enjoy your special day without worry, then Breanna from 'Beside the Bride Indiana' is your woman!

- Emma
Wedding assistant

Breanna prioritized the bride and the groom, making sure they had everything they needed, when they needed it, and made sure everyone else was where they needed to be and knew what they needed to do. It was a beautiful day that could not have happened without Breanna’s help!

- Amy G.
Maid of Honor

She was very responsive to texts when I needed information about the couple. Her and her staff were super sweet and easy to work with as well, they were on top of every task and made sure the important events stayed on time!  

- Becky Lynn

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